The upcoming events in T.O. you have to visit

About 180 years of Toronto are loaded with events and history of the city is very rich. The best part is the fact that the visitors often also accompany the locals in these events to make sure that they get the best and the most enriched experience possible. There are many events in Toronto that are world famous. If you have been to Toronto but did not attend any festival then you need to plan your trip once more. The events of Toronto also show to the world that the city is very much diversified and a must visit the place. There are certain events which are highly regarded due to the timeline they follow. Annual events continue to happen throughout the year and you can plan your visits accordingly. Seasonal events related to summer, winter, spring, and autumn also take place to make sure that the scope of the events is expanded.

Summerlicious and Winterlicious

As the name suggests the event is related to wine and dine. It is held each year in Toronto and was originally started in 2003. About 35 restaurants participate in the event and it means a lot to the visitors. The event is semiannual in nature and takes place both in summer and winter. The current prices of the dining are high as compared to the time when the event was started. The event is expanding with the passage of time and the last one attracted 150 dining experts from all over the world with millions of tourists making it one of the most visited events in Canada.

Sporting Life 10K

It is an event which takes place for the very noble cause as all the earnings go to the children suffering from cancer. The event started in 2003 and since then it has rapidly grown to be as one of the most visited events in Canada. Sporting Life 10K also hosts a camping festival where the stories of children born with cancerous cells or childhood cancer are shared with the general public. The event is highly managed by the city authorities but with it comes the traffic congestion which is not a good sign as per experts.

Khalsa Day

Now, this day shows how culturally diverse the city is. It is a Sikh event which is celebrated all over Canada but the event in Toronto is the largest one. The Sikhs in thousands from all over the world visit Toronto to make sure that Khalsa Day is celebrated with full spirit and zeal. The local authorities are fully supportive in this regard and extend a full hand in making the event a huge success.

Toronto Fashion Week

The most expensive brands from all over Canada are getting together to celebrate the Toronto fashion week. The overall management of the event is awesome and the designers from all over the world are invited. The event is dubbed as the most zealous event in Canada. IMG Canada was the former owner of the event however it has been purchased in 2016 by another company.