Although Toronto cannot boast of a large number of architectural monuments or historically significant places, nevertheless it is an interesting city to visit. There are a large number of temples of various denominations, amusement parks, excellent museums, as well as neighborhoods with ethnic flavor, each of which in itself is a reason for getting to know it more closely. At the same time, despite the eclectic style and the absence of a large number of bright architectural solutions, in general, Toronto is a holistic city that stands out noticeably among other North American cities and attracts millions of tourists every year.Read More →

About 180 years of Toronto are loaded with events and history of the city is very rich. The best part is the fact that the visitors often also accompany the locals in these events to make sure that they get the best and the most enriched experience possible. There are many events in Toronto that are world famous. If you have been to Toronto but did not attend any festival then you need to plan your trip once more. The events of Toronto also show to the world that the city is very much diversified and a must visit the place. There are certain eventsRead More →