Toronto is one of the largest Canadian cities, located in the eastern part of the country. It is the capital of the English-speaking part of Canada. The city combines 80-stores office buildings and dozens of parks with unique architecture.

Toronto can be different and attracts tourists from all over the world. Here you can see the sights, admire nature, play sports and do business. There can be a dozen to visit Toronto and some tourists who go to this Canadian city need to transfer some cryptocurrency. And often it is more convenient to transport money in cryptocurrency then in fiat.

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How to get to Toronto?

Almost all tourists who visit Toronto, use the services of Pearson International Airport. It is located at a significant distance from the city center – more than 30 kilometers.

There are several ways to get to Toronto’s center from Pearson Airport:

  • by municipal buses which depart every 10-30 minutes and it takes 1 to 1.5 hours to get to the nearest metro station;
  • by the express – GO Transit buses depart from the airport, but the journey is more expensive than in municipal transport (4 Canadian dollars vs three);
  • by the Western Pacific Airport Express – special buses that collect passengers from various terminals of Pearson Airport and take them right to the city center for 20 Canadian dollars;
  • by taxi – cars are available 24 hours a day, the trip costs 60-70 dollars.

But you must pay in cash. If you imported money into Canada in cryptocurrency, you can withdraw them using Bitcoin-ATM in Toronto. The devices are located in the terminals of Pearson Airport.

Toronto’s places of interest

In one of the largest Canadian cities, there are dozens of interesting places that are worth visiting.

Hockey Hall of Fame

The Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame is a cult place for fans of the popular game, which has spread all over the world. Here you can touch the main trophies of hockey, look at the ammunition of different years, and also get acquainted with the achievements of the greatest players.

Stanley Cup – the most famous and prestigious hockey trophy in the world – is on display for everyone in the Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame. Photo sessions with the Cup take place every day. Also in the hall where the trophy is exhibited, photos of all members of the Toronto Hockey Hall of Fame are posted.

The price for visiting the museum is 12 Canadian dollars. If you prefer to bring money to Canada in the cryptocurrency, you can find Bitcoin-ATM in Toronto in the immediate vicinity.

Casa Loma château

The Casa Loma is an object that is included in every single tourist program in Toronto.

The château combines different styles of architecture. It is a monument to the medieval style of construction, which was used by European architects a lot. However, the château itself was built relatively recently – at the beginning of the XX century. The creator of the attraction was Henry Pellatt – one of the richest people of Canada of his time, the owner of energy and rail transport companies.

The Casa Loma château retains its original decoration. Tourists can visit authentic rooms, a library, and also enjoy the design of château’s galleries. A special pleasure will be provided to those who are fond of architecture and engineering solutions. After all, the architects who built the Casa Loma, managed to create an elevator, ventilation system, steam heating and bathrooms at the very beginning of the XX century.

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Royal Ontario Museum

Another great place to visit in Toronto is the Royal Ontario Museum.

This is one of the five largest museums in North America. It is also the largest ethnographic institution in Canada.

Visitors to the Royal Ontario Museum can admire 6 million exhibits. The masterpieces of art collected from all over the world, the results of excavations, as well as the skeletons of animals that were present in Canada before the appearance of the man are exhibited here.

The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the few places on the planet where one can admire the true sarcophagus from Ancient Egypt and enjoy the magnificent view of the ancient Chinese temple basically at the same place. To visit the Royal Ontario Museum, use Bitcoin ATM and cash out the cryptocurrency at a favorable rate.

Cryptocurrency exchange in Toronto

You can exchange cryptocurrency in Toronto in specialized offices and branches of the largest banks in Canada. They work both in the city itself and in the terminals of Pearson International Airport. Rates are more profitable in those exchanges that are located within Toronto. But offices located at the airport work 24 hours a day, can exchange currency quickly and without unnecessary delay.

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On a final note 

Toronto is one of the main tourist centers in the world. Residents of all countries go to this city to enjoy the splendor of architecture and personally see the best sights of Toronto.

A convenient way to bring money to Toronto is to use cryptocurrencies. So you can bypass the customs control and not worry that the funds will be stolen or lost. After arriving in Toronto, you can exchange your cryptocurrency in one of the many bitcoin-ATMs. They are spread all over the city and offer a profitable exchange rate.

The city of Toronto has been rated among the top cities to live in 2018. It is all because of the law and order situation as well as the multiculturalism that has been embedded within the city urbanism. The city is alive and vibrant and therefore it is highly regarded by the immigrants as well. Demographics of Toronto show that the city welcomes the ethnic and minority groups from all over the world. From Chinatown to Little Jamaica the city has several sections which clearly show that the immigrants in the city are more than the indigenous ones. The city is highly influenced by the cultures from all over the world. The CIA factbook and the reports published by the IMF and World Bank regard the city as the financial hub of the world. The political management of the city allows fostering every activity which takes the Toronto to new heights.


Toronto is located in Ontario and has an estimated population of 2.7+ million. The 51% of the population of the city comprises of the immigrants from the other countries which also makes Toronto one of the most culturally diverse cities of the world. The population of the city has visibly increased over last 150 years. The fact that is to be noted is that there are certain areas where the population is actually decreasing with the passage of time same as in Canada overall. It has led some to speculate that the increase in immigration to Canada should be encouraged. The greatest increase in population was during 1834 to 1901 which was 2400+%. The second highest increase was recorded in 1931 which was 250%.


The best part of Toronto is that the population of the city comprises of immigrants and they make the most portion of the population. As per the Census of Canada department, about 51% population of Canada comprises of immigrants which have settled here from the different parts of the world. From Jamaica to Portugal the immigrants have settled here to take the active part in the city’s prosperity. The largest population of immigrants has settled here from South Asia followed by Chinese, Black, and Filipinos. The respective population percentage is 12%, 11%, 9% and 5.7%. The immigrants are also increasing in number and the largest recorded change is in Filipino population with a total variation of 0.6%. The White and South East Asian minorities have decreased over the course of time.

Religious demographics

The Roman Catholics comprise the largest religious group in Canada. The immigrants have also influenced the religious culture of the city. One can easily see different worship places in the city from mosques to synagogues the people of the city believe in interfaith harmony which makes it one of the best cities to live in 2018. The second largest religious community in the city is Islam. The most important fact that is to be noted is that the Ahmadiyya Community is regarded as out of the fold of Islam so should never be considered as Muslims and must never be included in the overall population of the Muslim community.